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Stoocked Buffet

Southern comfort food

When Catrina and her daughter, Amber, first decided to open a soul food bakery called A Timeless Treat, they had to make sure each dish was cooked with love and care for their customers. Taking inspiration from Catrina’s mother and grandmother’s recipes. 


Catrina had been cooking like her mother since she was a young girl. She taught everything she knew to Amber, who was just as passionate about food as her mother. Together, they expanded on the family recipes, creating a unique twist on soul food that was guaranteed to satisfy.


The bakery is a testament to the power of love and family. Catrina and Amber’s passion for cooking and love for one another are evident in every bite of food they serve. Whether it is brunch, lunch, or dinner, A Timeless Treat is the place to go for a delicious, comforting meal.

A Timeless Treat-01.jpg

Founded in 2013, we have been committed to serving our customers home-baked soul food and delicious goodies. We believe that all southern food doesn't have to be deep-fried to enjoy.  The experience of visiting our bakery will remind you of your favorite southern treat, and you will enjoy trying out some new ones too.

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